When you’re looking for a Chandler senior photographer, it is one thing to check out their social media and website for samples of there work. But what about seeing an entire session? Many photographers can get 2-3 awesome images from a photos shoot, but many times that several images are the same or very similar, and that is something I try to avoid! I want you to have a variety of images with lots of choices, not a gallery of senior photos with maybe 2-3 images you love. Every final picture I show is unique, not just a crop from another image. I use posing, lighting, and styling to be sure that all the images are different. Something many people don’t know is that the look of your senior photos will also vary greatly by lens choice. If a photographer uses only one lens, it is more likely that your images will all have a similar look and feel!  My seniors get a mix of black & white as well as color images, headshots, full body pictures, action shots, and anything else that shows your style and personality!

This recent session of Adrienne took place in Chandler, but we moved around quite a bit! And when the sun went down, we didn’t stop shooting and were able to get evey more variety for her! Adrienne had the most perfect dress for pictures in the lake, and I made sure she was prepared with proper protection on her feet and towels to clean up afterwards. Adrienne loves to write music, so the guitar was a must, and as a surprise I added the lyrics to one of her songs in her premier slideshow!

While these senior photos are amazing, you can expect nothing less for your senior pictures! As one of the best Chandler senior photographers, I choose not to rush my clients through. It is a time to enjoy and be spoiled, be the center of attention, and not worry if you have time for all your outfits! There will be time…I promise!