Ideas For Your Professional Outdoor Senior Pictures

If you’re looking for some fun ideas for your senior photo shoot or family portraits, this is the place! While each gallery is specific to the type of session, feel free to browse through them all to find clothing inspiration and locations for your photo shoot. Most outdoor photo shoots take place in the East Valley including Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, and Queen Creek, but if you have a special location you’d like to use, please let us know!

High school girls love our magazine style senior photo shoots! These are some of our favorite images that will give you ideas for your senior pictures…everything from edgy and urban to vintage and earthy! You’ll see tons of ideas for wardrobe and hairstyles, as well as accessories from our exclusive style closet!  Not only will you have a spectacular experience, but you’ll have the best senior pictures!

Most guys aren’t clamouring for senior pictures, but we promise to make it fun for you and priceless for mom! What if we spent that time outdoors where you didn’t have to rush or be stressed?  Bring your dog, show off your wheels, and get ready to actually have fun! Do you have a favorite sport or play an instrument? We have lots of great ideas for guys!


We love to gush over our teens! No need to wait for senior pictures, these teenage years are just as priceless! Maybe they’re just coming into those teen years, or maybe you just want to give them a boost of confidence! It’s a win-win! Teens get a personalized fashion photo shoot and mom gets memories of her sweet baby! (Yes, they’ll always be your babies!)


We all know that when the kids are little, we have tons of pictures.  But as they grown and become tweens and teens, family pictures don’t seem too high on the list of priorities. They should be though, since you’ll want to remember all these years and stages.  Yes, even the teen years! Families deserve more than just a quick photo shoot at Christmas! Schedule a special time to put everything aside and just enjoy your family! We’ll preserve those memories because we all know how quickly kids grow up. They grow and change so much over the years and you’ll definitely want family pictures during these milestone years!

Senior girl chevron top at East Valley senior photo shoot.
Senior photo shoot with dog
Bubbles are fun for East Valley photo shoot
East Valley photographer for family photo shoot.
East Valley photographer for senior photo shoot with costumes